LiveU 3

ITV This Morning wanted to go live on a Royal Marines Landing Craft on the River Thames with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby…. why not

An eventful trip when we ran out of fuel mid river, all captured Live via LiveU


We now have a very portable battery powered 4 camera live setup with no cabling required which speeds up rigging and improves health and safety considerations. The outputs can be fed individually into the LiveU LU800 or we can stream all four cameras to a remote location via the LU800 for remote production. 

LiveU 2
KaDish 1
LiveU 1

Stryder TV regularly uses cellular bonding with streaming for transmissions of both broadcast items and for streams to CDNs such as YouTube and Facebook Live.

We can supplement the 4G with a 5G router as well as vehicle mounted or flyaway Ka Newspotter satellite dish.


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